Social Science Class 3


Author : Surbhi Sharma
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-92065-10-1
No of Pages : 104

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Discover the world of social studies with Yellow Bird Publication’s new “Social Science Class 3” book! This entire book is designed to help young readers in comprehending and appreciating the world they live in, including the people, places, and occasions that influence our society. Additionally, Class 3 Social Science offers hands-on exercises and experiments that students can carry out in the classroom or at home to further their comprehension of the subject matter. The book also has a part on civic values and obligations, which will aid students in becoming more socially conscious and civically engaged.

Here are some of the features of Social Science Class 3

  • Explained in clear and simple language with colourful illustrations and photographs to help students visualize and understand the concepts
  • Includes interactive activities and experiments for hands-on experience
  • Suitable for use in the classroom or at home
  • Helps introduce young students to the world of social studies and encourages them to be active and informed citizens.


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