My Reading Journal (English) Class 4


Author : B.K. Gaur
Binding : Paperback
ISBN :  978-93-85541-59-9
No of Pages: 120

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Yellow Bird Publication’s My Reading Journal (English) class 4 is the perfect textbook for students in Class 4. It’s designed to help students develop strong reading skills, while also developing a greater understanding and appreciation of literature. Class 4 My Reading Journal (English) provides helpful activities and exercises that will help students gain a better understanding of what they read, and help them develop the skills they need to become better readers. 

Here are some key features of  My Reading Journal (English) Class 4

  • The book also provides a comprehensive review of important literary topics, such as plot, characterization, and symbolism. 
  • With My Reading Journal (English), students will gain a greater understanding of the English language and be able to better express themselves in writing.
  • Tips and tricks to help students improve their reading and writing skills
  • Suitable for young students in their first year of school



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