Biology Lab Manual Class 12


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Explore the fascinating world of biology with our Biology Lab Manual Class 12. Yellow Bird’s publication intends to assist students in developing scientific attitudes and laboratory skills, and understanding basic facts and concepts, through hands-on exploration and experimentation. The Class 12 Biology Lab Manual also includes questions on viva and project work which will help students in practising and applying their knowledge.


Class 12 Biology Lab Manual by Yellow Bird Publications

Welcome the Yellow Bird Publications Class 12 Biology Lab Practical as the ideal companion for Class 12 biology students – its creation with practicality in mind to advance practical knowledge and foster a deeper comprehension of biological concepts, this lab Book serves as your gateway into mastering all practical aspects of CBSE Class 12 Biology Lab Practical.


Key Features:

Our lab manual covers every element of the CBSE Class 12 Biology curriculum to enable students to successfully perform all required experiments and practical activities.


  • Lab Manual with CBSE Guidelines: This lab manual adheres to CBSE guidelines to ensure students’ thorough preparation for practical examinations and internal assessments.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Each experiment comes complete with detailed step-by-step instructions that make it simple and effortless for students to follow the procedures accurately and achieve accurate results.
  • Illustrative Diagrams: Illustrative diagrams can aid students in comprehending both setup and observations for experiments more fully. They serve to enhance comprehension while aiding comprehension of any difficult subjects like microeconomics.
  • Reinforcing Concepts: Alongside practical aspects, this lab manual also offers theoretical explanations to reinforce key biological concepts.
  • Safety Precautions: Our top priority when conducting laboratory activities is student safety. The lab manual includes safety guidelines and precautions to be observed, providing for a risk-free learning environment.
  • Practical Applications: This manual goes beyond textbooks by emphasizing real-life applications of experiments conducted, giving learners a deeper appreciation for biology’s practical significance.
  • Assessment-Oriented: To provide students with exam preparation assistance, the lab manual contains practice questions related to its practical syllabus that provide valuable exam practice and self-assessment opportunities.
  • High-Quality Printing: The lab manual is printed on high quality paper for maximum durability and ease of reading.


About Yellow Bird Publication:


Yellow Bird Publications has earned its place among educational publishers by consistently meeting students’ diverse educational needs across numerous subjects. Moreover, our commitment to excellence and innovation reveals itself in our superior product quality, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Yellow Bird Publications is an indispensable resource for CBSE Class 12 biology students. Unlock its wonders through engaging practical activities, while giving yourself a competitive edge during examinations using our comprehensive lab manual – take flight in your biology journey with Yellow Bird Publications!


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