Tarang Sulekh Class 2


Author : Reena Upadhyay
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-84949-35-8
No of Pages : 48

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Yellow Bird Publication’s Tarang Sulekh Class 2 is a comprehensive textbook that covers all essential concepts in the language. The book contains various activities to help readers learn how to read, write, and speak Hindi in a fun and interactive way. It also includes stories, puzzles, and quizzes to help reinforce the material. In addition, Class 2 Tarang Sulekh provides clear examples and explanations to enhance comprehension.

Here are Some of the features of Tarang Sulekh Hindi 

  • Designed with clear explanations and examples that make it easy for students to understand and practice handwriting concepts
  • Includes a variety of practice exercises that help students to reinforce their understanding and improve their handwriting skills
  • Includes illustrations and photographs that make handwriting practice more interesting and engaging




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