Window Magic Class 2


Author : Shivangi Jain
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-84949-55-6
No of Pages : 64

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Yellow Bird Publication’s Window Magic Class 2 is another engaging, interactive resource for students. It teaches basic computer concepts such as typing, navigating windows, and managing files. It has colourful illustrations and diagrams to help explain concepts, as well as activities and quizzes to test progress. This Class 2 Window Magic also includes fun games and puzzles, as well as an interactive story to help reinforce the material.

Here are some features of Window Magic Class 2

  • Covers all of the crucial subjects that children will study in class and is in line with the class 2 computing curriculum
  • Includes eye-catching images and drawings to make learning about computers more fun and exciting.
  • A wonderful tool for teachers and parents to help students develop solid computer foundations



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