Class 8 Social Science


Author : Surbhi Sharma
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-92065-15-6
No of Pages : 240

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Yellow Bird Publications’ Class 8 Social Science is an excellent book for teaching students the fundamentals of the subject. It provides an easy-to-understand approach to learning social science concepts, with plenty of examples and illustrations. Social Science Class 8 Book covers all the topics necessary for a student in Class 8, such as history, geography, civics, sociology, psychology, economics, and more. It also includes activities and questions to help reinforce the concepts. 

The features of the Social Science Book Class 8 include: 

  • Comprehensive coverage of topics necessary for class 8 
  • Easy-to-understand language 
  • Examples and illustrations to help explain key concepts 
  • Activities and questions to help reinforce learning 
  • Support for all learning styles 
  • Access to online resources for further study.


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