Facts of Science Class 4


Author: Latika Gupta
Binding: Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-92065-19-4
No of Pages: 104

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Facts of Science Class 4” from Yellow Bird Publications is now accessible! This book is filled with interesting and age-appropriate material on a variety of scientific topics and was written to expose young pupils to the wonderful world of science. This Class 4  Facts of Science curriculum covers a wide range of topics in an engaging and simple manner, from the solar system to the human body. The book has engaging activities and quizzes that will help learners in remembering the material they have learned as well as vibrant pictures and photos that make learning science fun.

Here are some of the features of Facts of Science Class 4

  • Brimming with interesting and age-appropriate knowledge on a variety of scientific subjects
  • Includes information on the sun’s system, the human body, animals, vegetation, and other topics.
  • includes eye-catching images and drawings to make learning science fun.
  • Interactive exercises and tests to aid pupils in remembering what they have learned
  • matched the first-grade science curriculum


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