Cursive Writing Class 1


Author : Divya Chauhan
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-84949-26-6
No of Pages : 48

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Introducing Yellow Bird publication’s new “Cursive Writing Class 1” book! Designed for young students in their first year of school, this book will guide them through the process of learning cursive writing. With clear and easy-to-follow instructions, colourful illustrations, and plenty of practice exercises, this Class 1  Cursive Writing makes learning cursive writing fun and engaging. The workbook includes tracing exercises, letter formation, and word practice, that will help students to master the art of cursive writing.

Here are some of the features of  Cursive Writing Class 1

  • Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for learning cursive writing
  • Colourful illustrations make learning more engaging
  • Plenty of practice exercises including tracing, letter formation, and words practice
  • Tips and tricks to make the learning process easier and more effective
  • Suitable for young students in their first year of school
  • An excellent resource for parents and teachers



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