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Slogans on Unity in Diversity


Slogans on Unity in Diversity is a well stated fact which indicates harmonious co-operation among different groups of people living in the same society. Unity in diversity itself is a slogan that describes the feeling of unity among people despite physical or psychological barriers. Indians are the true image of this common phrase because of their unity despite wide diversity in fields like sports, food habits, languages, customs and traditions etc.

Slogan of Unity in Diversity in English

Below we have provided some unique and catchy slogans for our readers.

These “Slogans on Unity in Diversity” will help you understand the true meaning of this phrase and its significance in the context of India.

It will create a sense of brotherhood and nationalism among the readers irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or culture.

You can use the following Slogans of Unity in Diversity to motivate people during any related event or campaign celebration.

Unique and Catchy Slogans

Diversity gives beauty and unity gives strength.


Unity in diversity is the reason for our prosperity.


Unity in diversity is our identity.


We have diversity of religion but united we are only Indians.


Unity in diversity has been one of our cultural heritage in India since many ages.


Unity is the key to diversity, growth and prosperity.


There is strength in unity in diversity that can never end.


Unity in diversity is good as it provides peace, harmony and brotherhood.


One thing which is essential for unity in diversity is strong mutual trust.


Unity in diversity can lead a nation to the goal it needs.


Unity in diversity is the key to development and peace in the country.


Unity in diversity helps everyone stand together.


Unity in diversity helps everyone to live in peace.


Unity in diversity is the strength of the country.


Where there is unity in diversity the possibilities are endless.


Unity in diversity makes a better society.


Unity in diversity is better than unity in commonality.


Life becomes boring without variety.


Diversity breeds diversity and thus excites everyone.


Diversity is the key to prosperity in the society.


Unity in diversity is more than what we understand.


Unity in diversity reflects ‘one for all, all for one’.


Celebrate unity in diversity to find inspiration.


Diversity creates beauty and immense power.


Respect diversity and create unity!


Peace exists in ‘unity in diversity’.


The power of unity in diversity never ends.


Unity in Diversity Slogans


Unity in diversity is the source of strength.


Diversity brings fulfillment and peace.


Unity in diversity should be our goal.


Unity in diversity is a cultural heritage.


We all belong to the human race.


People in India are Indians, no one can divide.


Unity in diversity means harmony in diversity.


We are proud to be a citizen of India.


India is a country famous for ‘Unity in Diversity’.


Unity in diversity promotes brotherhood, peace and harmony.


Best Unity in Diversity Slogans


Forget the differences and unite for life.


Always maintain unity to increase power.


Don’t go out of unity, it benefits you a lot.


Unity is for you and you for unity.


Unity in diversity creates a sense of unity among people with diversity.


Unity in diversity is like different flowers on the same tree.


People in India are the real example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.


With unity we can win the world.


Alone we can do a lot but together we can do a lot.


Unity binds us together and helps mold the universe.


We are connected to each other through our souls.


No one can win alone but unity can win.


Teamwork is always praised and appreciated.


Identify your and the team’s strengths, then think about what to do.


We can change the world through unity!



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