Map Practice Book Class 9


Author: YBPL
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-93-84949-89-4
No of Pages: 210

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Are you ready to explore the world and expand your geographical knowledge? Look no further than the Yellow Bird Map Practice Book Class 9! This comprehensive resource is your passport to a world of discovery and adventure.

Yellow Bird Publications Book offers students in grades nine an invaluable map tool to hone their map reading and locate key landmarks on maps.

Class 9 Map Practice

Yellow Bird Publication’s revolutionary “Class 9 Map Practice Book” can open your world to discovery like never before! Created specifically to support students enrolled in Class 9, this engaging map book expands geographical knowledge while sharpening map reading skills.


Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Map Collection: Our map practice book boasts an expansive map selection, covering various geographical regions, countries, continents and thematic representations. From political to physical maps and climate and population density charts – students will gain a well-rounded knowledge of world geography!
  2. Interactive Learning Experience: Students will engage in exciting, hands-on exercises and questions carefully designed to bring theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios, deepening their geographical and analytical abilities.
  3. Precise and Informative Content: Every map in the “Class 9 Map Practice Book” provides clear explanations that allow students to grasp geographical concepts easily. We have highlighted key landmarks, capitals, and significant geographical features, making it easier for students to memorize essential knowledge.
  4. Progress Tracking: Our easy-to-use tracking system enables students to monitor their progress with our map practice journey and see their skills develop alongside it. By measuring their performance against our evaluation scale and noting areas for improvement, students can evaluate performance effectively while remaining motivated as their map practice journey progresses.
  5. Consideration in Design: The “Class 9 Map Practice NEP ” was thoughtfully created with students in mind. The visual layout makes learning enjoyable and engaging, while its durable construction stands up against everyday use.


  1. An Essential Complement to Geographic Study: From classroom use to independent self-study, our map practice book serves as an ideal supplementary resource that enhances geography curriculums while aiding students with excelling at exams.

About Yellow Bird Publications Book

Yellow Bird Publications will open up an endless variety of wonders around you with its map practice book for class 9. More than just exam preparation, this book deepens our appreciation and understanding of our world today. Empower your geographical knowledge while expanding your horizons – experience an educational adventure like never before.

Featuring the latest maps of India and the world, including the new Laddakh-Jammu & Kashmir borders, this CBSE Class 9 Map Practice Book is packed with activities and exercises to help you learn and understand basic geography concepts. From identifying countries and continents to understanding the significance of different symbols and markings on a map, this book have you covered.


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