When students are promoted from primary classes to secondary classes they have a huge burden to score well because it serves as a stepping stone for admission to colleges and universities. This is the stage where you cannot just learn things blindly, you have to understand the concepts of every chapter and for that, you need secondary education textbooks that not only give you theoretical knowledge but also help in grasping the concept. Yellow Bird publications’ books encourage students to grasp the concept and read and learn in exciting ways. 

This article will suggest you some secondary class books published by Yellow Bird publications that students can read in their free time and hone their skills:

Fantastic Books to Read for secondary class students

Grammar Tweak Class 6 |  B.K. Gaur

When the kids enter into the secondary stage of school from primary it is crucial for them to grasp the basics of grammar very efficiently. Yellow Bird publication brought a grammar tweak book for class 6 students which is a very helpful book if your child wants to learn basic grammar. 

By reading the Grammar tweak your student can improve the readability, clarity, and curiosity of writing. Correct grammar is essential while writing anything, be it an essay, an English unit test in schools, etc.

Facts of Science | Latika Gupta

Have you ever wondered how rainbow forms or how many colours rainbow have? You can learn this and many other things in the form of scientific facts in the facts of science. This book is written by Latika Gupta and published by Yellow Bird Publications. When Children learn from facts in science books it will foster a love for science among students.

Window Magic: A textbook for computer |Shivangi Jain

In the era of technical knowledge of computers is essential for secondary school students. Days are gone when parents told the 90s kids to stay away from mobiles and computers because it will distract them from their studies. Now if you are making assignments or even attending online classes computer knowledge is a must. Yellow Bird Publications offers you one of the best books for computer knowledge (window magic class 6), By reading and learning from this book children can learn computer skills at a young age and it will make it easier for kids to study and understand concepts in class. 

Magic With Maths | Nishu Sharma

Maths is one of the most despised subjects among students. Only a few students like mathematics. Every student wants a teacher or book which teaches them maths in the simplest way. And here Yellow Bird Publications comes with a book named “Magic with Maths Class 6 Book”. It helps the students to learn calculations and solve sums of algebra or arithmetic word problems in a very simple way. 

Secondary School Learning Books

When it comes to buy secondary textbooks online there are many choices available online. Despite stiff competition, yellow bird publications are proud to have grown to be one of the most reliable secondary school books publishers in India. 

We were able to achieve it because we focused on delivering secondary class book online to students as fast, easily, and affordably as we could. Our commitment is to provide students with the best reading experience. We are familiar with the secondary reading book online we sell as well as the reading habits of students. 

How to Buy Secondary Book Online from Yellow Bird Publications

If you are considering buying secondary books online from yellow bird publication then we are going to tell you the whole process in a very easy and quick way: Let’s find out how you can purchase:

  • First of all, to buy secondary school book online you must visit the official website of Yellow Bird publication just by clicking here. This link will take you to the books that are made for secondary-level students.
  • Once you have reached the office page of yellow bird publication to buy the book just select the books you want and add them to your shopping cart.
  • After that press the “Check out button” and enter your address, mobile number, and mode of payment.
  • Before pressing the final buy now option just confirm again the book is correct or that you have chosen a similar book.
  • After the press “buy” option and voila! Your order placed very soon you will receive a confirmation message by email and on your registered mobile number.


Books are the real friends of the students and when it comes to buying books online for secondary class students then Yellow Bird Publications are one of the prudent choices. Books published by Yellow Bird Publications display excellent publishing standards. Taking into consideration of a national system of education today, our goal is to mold young minds using the most cutting-edge and proven techniques.