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Slogans on Rain Water Harvesting

Slogans on Rain Water Harvesting : Rainwater harvesting is a way by which we can collect rainwater into tanks, ponds or other types of natural or artificial water reservoirs. Rainwater harvesting is an effective technique to maintain the water table on the earth as well as reduce the use of fresh water for all purposes.

It is a technology that should be widely disseminated among the public to reduce the danger of water scarcity on the earth in the future. Through rainwater harvesting, we can save more clean water by using rainwater for purposes other than drinking and cooking. This will improve water supply and food production, thereby ensuring food security.

Rain Water Harvesting Slogans in English

Below, you’ll find useful, effective, and motivational slogans on rainwater harvesting. Use them in occasions or events related to water scarcity to spread awareness about rainwater harvesting among people.

These rainwater slogans raise awareness about the significance of water in arid regions worldwide.

You can use any of the following slogans to encourage people to store rainwater by any means:


Unique and Catchy Slogans on Rain Water Harvesting


Instead of wasting rain water, harvest it.


Water conservation will prevent the earth from heating up.


Rain water harvesting is a tool, it must be taught in school.


Wasted water never comes back, try to save every drop of rain.


Water is our basic need, rain water harvesting is really a social work.


Let’s form a human chain to save every drop of rain.


Save water so that you don’t crave for it later.


Harvest every drop of rainwater before you are blamed by your son or daughter.


Harvest rain water to get clean water.


There is no doubt that rainwater harvesting will help you in a drought.


Rain water harvesting is much better than unnecessary water wastage.


Water is the essence of life, save rain water.


The water level is receding, why are we too slow; Save rainwater!


Rainwater harvesting is a smart way to save water.


Do not let rain water go down the drain; Start protecting it from the first rain itself.


It is always the best idea to conserve rain water for hot days.


Actions are more valuable than words, save rainwater for the flock of birds and cattle.


Use the collected rain water for home as well as gardening.


When it is very hot, the rain water will be equal to a pot of gold.


Don’t let the rain water flow, let it flow again on the earth.


Whether you save rain water in tank or pond, save in any way.


Rain water is God’s gift on earth, save it in any way.


conserve rainwater; It is a good gift of God on earth.


Please save water if you want to get respect from the new generation.


Don’t make the earth waterless, just save rain water.


Water is the soul of the earth, do not separate the two.


Don’t waste even a drop of water, make earth rich with water.


Every drop of water counts and makes a big ocean, so save rain water.


Harvest rainwater for use in difficult times of drought.


Harvest rainwater and use it for purposes other than drinking and cooking.


Water is very precious to life on earth; So, save rain water too.


Save rain water to continue life on earth.


Best Slogans on Rain Water Harvesting


Use your brain to save water even from rain.


Rain water harvesting is the best way to save the earth from water scarcity.


Don’t conserve but conserve rain water.


Where will your welfare come from when all the wells have dried up.


Rainwater harvesting is a way to conserve rainwater.


Increase the ground water level through rain water harvesting.


Save rainwater today to enjoy your tomorrow on earth.


Do you do rain water harvesting? If not, start today!


Harvest rainwater to reduce the use of fresh water.

Best Rain Water Harvesting Slogans


Life depends on water and availability of water depends on you!


To quench the thirst of the earth, store rain water.


Slow down the water flow to save more water.


Follow rainwater harvesting techniques and let it go to the earth.


Harvest rain water to continue life on earth.


Collect rain water to live without pain.


Collect rain water to harvest grain.


Harvest rainwater to meet the needs of people around the world.


Save the rain to avoid the pain.


No rain only pain, no water no life.


Save rain water and don’t let it flow.