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Reference Books for Class 12 give a thorough and a better understanding of complex subjects. Students are encouraged to read Reference books to prepare for the examination. The 12th class is the most crucial and final stage in schooling. This class is the basis for the future growth of all students. Class 12 is regarded as an extremely challenging and sensitive phase. Every student needs to grasp each concept they’ve studied since in this class, nobody should be afraid to voice their concerns, they’ll try to eliminate the misunderstandings because with no deep knowledge of each concept they’ve studied in the class, students will not be able to achieve their desired marks. Therefore, Reference book created in line with the current syllabus set by the CBSE board. The books of NCERT designed with a structured format, to allow students to be able to grasp the chapters. The NCERT guides highly suggested to all students of the CBSE Board.

Reference Books For Class 12

Reference Books for Class 12th, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Maths in English and Hindi language from the table below. Access NCERT Solutions and pass the exam with high scores.