Class 3 English Grammar


Author : B.K. Gaur
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-85541-66-7
No of Pages : 128

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With our new “Class 3 English Grammar” book, introduce grammar to your Class 3 kids. This thorough manual is intended to make learning grammar for young students entertaining and interesting. The Class 3 Grammar Tweak Book covers a wide range of grammatical ideas, including sentence construction, punctuation, and parts of speech. To assist students comprehend and put the rules into practice, each idea is discussed in plain and simple language and is complemented by practice tasks and examples.

Here are some features of the English Grammar Tweak Class 3 book:

  • Covers a variety of grammatical ideas, including parts of speech, sentence construction, punctuation, and more
  • Including practice problems and examples that are clearly explained in basic English
  • To make grammar instruction more fun and engaging, including interactive exercises, games, and puzzles.
  • To assist students in recognizing and preventing errors, the book includes a section on common grammatical mistakes.


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