Swarnima Hindi Class 6


Author : Supreet Kaur
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-92065-34-7
No of Pages : 128

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Swarnima Hindi class 6, the latest offering from Yellow Bird  Publication, is a comprehensive textbook for Class 6. It covers the complete syllabus and offers a range of features like an audio-visual supplement, integrated exercises, and multiple-choice questions. Class 6 Swarnima Hindi is a comprehensive resource that helps students master language fundamentals and strengthens their reading comprehension skills. It contains a range of activities, including exercises, workbook problems, and other engaging activities that make learning fun and easy.

Features of Swarnima Hindi class 6

  • The book also includes additional topics like culture and civilization, which help students understand the cultural context in which the language was developed. Additionally,
  • helps in improving their language proficiency.
  • its unique yet simple approach



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