Tapsi Hindi Class 6


Author : Sarika Gaba
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-93-84949-93-8
No of Pages : 112

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Yellow Bird Publication’s Tapsi Hindi book Class 6 is a comprehensive guide to learning the Hindi language. It provides an easy-to-understand approach to learning the language with engaging examples and visuals. This Class 6 Tapsi Hindi book is designed to help you lay a strong foundation in Hindi grammar and vocabulary, as well as to hone your speaking and writing skills. The book also offers practice exercises and activities to further enhance your learning experience. 

The features of the Tapsi Hindi book Class 6  include: 

  • Detailed lessons and explanations of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary 
  • A variety of engaging examples and visuals 
  • Practice exercises and activities 
  • An audio accompaniment to help with pronunciation 
  • Access to a digital version of the book for online practice and review 
  • A comprehensive dictionary of Hindi words 
  • A guide to the culture and history of Hindi 
  • Answers to all exercises and activities



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